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Inpatient rehabilitation service

We have been offering the finest rehabilitation, intermediate, post operative,  and complex slow stream rehabilitation including dementia specialists rehabilitation  ( those who are hoisted/bed bound ) , to patients from all over the country.

When a Elderly needs extra help recovering from an illness or injury, it’s important to properly plan rehabilitation services to enable them to live longer and safer. Choosing the right kind of follow-up rehab care after a surgery or hospital stay will ensure your loved one has the best chances of regaining their health and independence, best quality of life  and enable them to manage  at home safely.

Coming to our rehabilitation centres in Berkshire , Oxfordshire and Windsor and Maidenhead and Buckinghamshire ,where our dedicated multidisciplinary team will look after you and help you recover.

The Goal of Rehabilitation for the Elderly

The goal of elderly inpatient(residential) rehab is to help our patients return to their maximum functional potential after suffering a life-altering event. Elderly rehabilitation from Therapies on Thames , are well equipped to conduct various therapies provided by team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists,  rehab nurses. They work with NHS and social care teams very closely to facilitate safe discharges back in to their homes..

Goals for treatment vary depending on an elderly person’s needs and might include regaining communication skills, learning to use new mobility aids properly (e.g., a wheelchair or walker), adapting or regaining the ability to perform activities of daily living (e.g., bathing, dressing, toileting), and improving muscle strength, balance and coordination

Work with our highly specialist Nursing staff, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists in our functional rehabilitation unit, helping you restore your physical strength and confidence as we get you ready to return home again. We can help anyone who is struggling to manage after a period of illness, hospital admission or surgery. You may have had a stroke, a joint replacement or feel frail after several falls.

Specialist areas of intermediate care and rehabilitation with appropriate equipment and staff include:

  • Elderly care – Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic: post joint replacement; spinal surgery and trauma
  • Respite care
  • General: medical and post surgical conditions
  • Neurological: stroke; multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s rehabilitation
  • Cancer Care


There are multiple other ways in which an Occupational Therapist can help, including Pain Management, Upper Limb Assessment, Support with Retaining Memory, Seating Assessments and Public Transport Training.

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We can provide short stay rehabilitation to give you an opportunity to regain your independence and your family and carers a rest. Alternatively you can come and stay for a slow stream rehabilitation  to restore your independence and improve your quality of life by achieving your personalised goals. Our highly skilled team will make you feel safe and comfortable in our rehabilitation unit, so you do not have to worry about anything except your recovery.


We want to help you:

Stand on your own again
Regain your independence.

Move freely and with ease
Feel better within yourself.

Restore your confidence
Do the things you want to do.

These goals make up your personal therapy and care plan to help you get back home safely.

They could include:

Being able to walk a certain distance

Building and improving confidence

Using equipment or walking with an aid

Everyday tasks such as washing and dressing

Being able to climb stairs


Bridge House – Berkshire

Therapies on Thames has partnered with Bridge House of Twyford to provide recuperation from illness or surgery in our therapy-led multi-disciplinary inpatient rehabilitation centre in Berkshire.

Bridge House Rehabilitation centre

The Close – Oxfordshire

Therapies on Thames has partnered with The Close care home  to provide recuperation from illness or surgery in our therapy-led multi-disciplinary inpatient rehabilitation centre in Berkshire.

The Close care home