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Our company, Therapies on Thames, was founded in 2012  to support  elderly people who would like to stay at home safely after illness or injury and improve their quality of life  by providing personalised  Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services.

It is widely accepted that people – especially older people – recover quicker once they have been discharged from hospital and are back in the comfort of their own home, and this has been more paramount than ever during the current pandemic. How quickly they can be discharged will depend on a variety of things including mobility, support from family and friends, and after care therapy support requirements such as rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.

On discharge, a patient will be provided with a short- term reablement service by the NHS and social care, however this will often only last up to six weeks. This is where support organisations like Therapies on Thames can be most beneficial for everyone involved in terms of ongoing therapy support, and it is their aim to help the patient regain as much independence and remain safely living at home for as long as possible.

Goals for post hospital treatment vary depending on the person’s individual needs and might include regaining confidence, learning to use new mobility aids properly, adapting or regaining the ability to perform activities of daily living, and improving muscle strength, balance and coordination.

Experience shows that you’re more likely to get better and stay independent if rehabilitation happens in the comfort of your own home even after 6 weeks. We achieve it through home visit Physiotherapy and  Occupational Therapy or through a combination of specialties.

What makes us special?

Our therapists understand the complexities of rehabilitation and offer complete therapy management, periodic treatments or one-off consultations, working closely with you, your family or carers and referrers.

Our main aim is to provide one stop service to  maximise your independence and quality of life by developing a personalised treatment plan for you . We give the highest quality therapy to people in their homes or care homes in Berkshire, Oxfordshire , Gloucestershire, in London and across the south east.

What we offer?

  • Home visit Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Service for those who are housebound. ( We come to you),
  • Residential ( inpatient) Rehabilitation Service – For those who are struggling to manage at home post discharge  from hospital or illness. We work with local care homes which we can arrange an inpatient rehabilitation to support you and your family to have respite and return home safely when appropriate.
  • Outpatient clinics for Elderly– We offer specialists clinics like  Stroke clinics, Parkinson’s Clinic and Strength and balance clinic for our elderly people in West  of Berkshire which is based in WADE day centre in Wokingham.
  • Care home in reach service– We work with number of care homes to provide timely Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy service for their residents to improve their quality of life and prevent deterioration in their health and wellbeing .

We are all members of the Health and Care Professional Council and DBS checked.


We help you regain or maintain your independence at home
Therapies on Thames is where rebuiding your life begins…

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We are a rehabilitation service provider with a highly skilled and specialised  team of Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists to provide you with the best possible rehabilitation services for elderly people.