When my 88-year old grandfather fell and broke his hip, he was given the life-changing news that he'd never walk again. With so much on the line, we reached out to Therapies On Thames for a second opinion and we're so glad that we did. Not only did the wonderful Maeve get him walking again with a frame, but she did so with such exceptional compassion and kindness that it transformed not only his physical health but his mental health too. We will be forever grateful to her, Raj and the team at Therapies On Thames for the amazing support they provided.

Kris B

Therapies on Thames were extremely professional and caring in every aspect of their service. Simon treated my mother with great compassion and professionalism. Their service made a real difference and I, her son, am extremely grateful for what he did.

Andrew Thomas

My first time dealing with these guys and such a pleasure to come across such Professionalism from the staff. Everything was done with the end user in mind and his obvious knowledge with regard to the customers needs was clearly evident, well done!

Nick Leverton

The team is a great support in the care homes. They’ve done tremendous work supporting the Residents discharged from hospitals for rehab care and long term care Residents, always keeping spirits up and going the extra mile in assisting them with all their needs during the sessions.



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The entire team at Therapies on Thames are excellent. The therapy provided by them to my father earlier this year has been the reason why he is back on his feet. Not only do they provide a meticulous service but they have enabled him to regain confidence in himself throughout his rehabilitation journey. Thank you ToT.

Kaush Y

Therapies on Thames provides a highly professional and effective physiotherapy service for the elderly community. The support that they offer is vital to their clients to ensure their continued mobility and independence. Wade Day Centre regards Raj and his team as a huge asset to our offering to the elderly residents of Wokingham and surrounding areas. 

Debra Pahalka – Wade Centre Manager

Therapies on Thames have provided first class rehabilitation support for our mother since she moved into a nursing home two months ago. Having been too anxious to get out of bed, she is now out and about in a wheelchair enjoying a better quality of life. The team of empathetic and experienced therapists worked wonders in rebuilding her confidence and regaining her physical strength – thank you!

Amanda Perry

Therapies on Thames provides exceptional care for our mother and we can not recommend them highly enough. They not only bring huge experience and knowledge, but outstanding emotional intelligence and care of the individual patient. They are certainly in the business of going the extra mile and making a difference.

Caroline Bond


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Professional and caring therapists with a clear passion for helping folk regain mobility, and many times with truly astonishing results. Therapies on Thames Physiotherapy Service is second to none for rehab care, delivered by a wonderful team all demonstrating both care and compassion.


Currently helping my mum recover from recent fall and being in hospital, everyone at Therapies on Thames has been very helpful, respectful, polite and a great support.

Samantha Coleman

Raj and Will at Therapies on Thames offer a super service to people wishing to regain and retain their independence at home. Years of experience and a passion for helping people’s quality of life at home really shine through.

Kevin Lancaster

Great Team!!! Very supportive people always doing their best to improve lives!!! Always putting people’s needs first!!! Keep going!!

Kamila Haponiak

Friendly and reliable with great communication and results.

Gamal Lear

Therapies on Thames have provided first class rehabilitation support for my elderly uncle (95) since he moved into Woodbury House Nursing Home ten months ago, having been told by the hospital he would never walk again. He was too anxious to even stand, and is now walking with a frame and support from the carers, giving him a better quality of life. The team are excellent and have worked a miracle, his confidence has improved significantly and so has his quality of life – thank you so very much

Mary Cawley

My Grandfather had been in bed for roughly 3 months due to illness and the doctor recommended Therapies on Thames. Within a week we were already seeing improvements in the way my grandfather was moving. We have been having 3 visits a week for roughly 5 weeks and we have gone from being unable to sit up on the side of the bed to walking the length of the hallway and living room and being able to sit out in his chair. Amazing work from Therapies on Thames. Thank you so much for giving some independence back to my grandfather.

Helen Buckett

Really friendly and professional therapists. Excellent service helping the elderly get back on their feet again and regain their confidence.

Holly Toogood

Friendly, professional and great results - i was recommended by a colleague to contact them following a sports injury. Very pleased with my recovery and back on track with my running - a big thank you. I would recommend to others

John Taylor

Absolutely amazing help at a very stressful time, can't thank you enough for all your help, guidance, recommendations and support to me, my brother and mum. Couldn't have got through all these arrangements on our own. Truly exceptional company and values.

Joolz Fletcher

My 100 year old Mother-in-law has received excellent therapy treatment from the Bridge House staff which has really resulted in a siginificant improvement in her physical and mental health. Raj, in particular, has been very patient and supportive.

Michael Green

Therapies on Thames work with us at Bridge House Nursing Home in Twyford. They provide our rehabilitation and maintenance therapy to our short and long stay residents. We have seen some fantastic results; residents who were immobile on arrival after several weeks of holistic therapy they walk out of our home back into their own homes. For our permanent residents, the therapy has helped to maintain their independence and mobility for longer, in turn improving their quality of life.

Phil and Laura Sherwood

Just want to say a huge thank you to Raj and all the team at Therapies on Thames who stepped in to help my mum after a fall during lockdown. When she was having tremendous difficulties in seeing her GP or getting any face to face support through the NHS, Therapies on Thames were so helpful and communicative. From daily emails and updates, to the actual treatment itself they have been wonderful - thank you so much. My mum is well on the road to recovery.

Charlotte Van Rooyen

After a long stay in Icu and a further 3 weeks on a ward in hospital recovering from a major operation, my 84 year old father had a Failed Hospital Discharge. After a gruelling night trying to help my father climb the stairs to bed (resulted in him crawling for an hour), we honestly thought my dad would not survive the night, very breathless and extremely weak, he was bedbound, confined to the bed. Out of desperation we hastily researched private help, almost giving up until we found Therapies on Thames. From the moment my husband made the call, Raj was extremely reassuring, calm and very helpful. He promptly made an appointment to visit my father a few days later and our minds were completely put at rest by his professionalism from day one. He assured my mum, sister and I that in 3 weeks my father would be back to how he was pre-op - something we just could not visualise - so much so, we all cried with disbelief! Throughout the 3 weeks my father was provided with daily physio care by a team of 3 very caring physiotherapists. They worked with him at his pace, never pushing him, but kindly encouraging him to slowly build his strength and teaching him to breathe rather than rush and panic. The results have been simply amazing! True to their word, after being a very frail, weak bedroom bound man, he is now able to freely climb the stairs up and down with the aid of Wall rails and sometimes a crutch. The day we were able to take my dad out to lunch after 7 weeks of hospital beds and his home bed, was an absolute joy! We could never, ever imagine this day would happen. In fact my father seems more able now than he was before being rushed to hospital all those weeks ago! We haven't been able to thank Raj and his excellent team enough. Their commitment, kindness, calmness and politeness have been immense. We wouldn't hesitate for one moment about recommending them or asking for their assistance again in the future if needed. They have been absolutely tremendous.

Jacqueline Hunter