The fundamental basis upon which Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are founded is a simple one. Occupation – that is the day-to-day tasks, routines, roles, and activities that we consider part of our personal identity – is vital for promoting well being and general health even in care homes.

At Therapies on Thames, we understand this, and our team of experienced and highly qualified Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists have helped many care home residents  and staff in Berkshire and Oxfordshire .

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy service  in care homes is widely considered to play an essential part in keeping care home residents healthy in body and mind.

Our Therapists have experience in both nursing and residential home settings and understand the shortcomings and overload on available rehabilitation resources. We can offer generic rehabilitation, as well as specialist service such as:

  • Post operative rehabilitation
  • Post discharge rehabilitation from acute hospital stay
  • Posture & seating assessment and intervention ( Wheelchair and Riser recliner Chair)
  • Contracture prevention and management for stroke/neurological client, including hand splinting
  • Falls prevention service ( Telecare)
  • Care of long term conditions i.e MS, MND, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Palliative / End of life care
  • Therapeutic and Manual handling support for staff

The typical care home resident is in their eighties, or over, and suffer from some kind of long-term health condition that affects their day-to-day life. Our therapists are experts at providing practical advice that enables residents to continue with their normal daily routine as much as possible.

We don’t just deal with physical interventions either. We understand that many care home residents may have entered the home following a health deterioration or as a result of one or more frightening episodes, such as falls or strokes. They may be in an unfamiliar environment where they find it difficult to occupy themselves mentally. We can assist with this too.

Our therapy input has a two-pronged impact on life in the care home. For the resident, it gives them greater independence, allowing them (with some slight adjustments) to do everyday tasks that they previously struggled with. As a consequence, the burden of the nurses and care workers in the care home is lifted somewhat. Moreover, having greater autonomy in the things that they are able to do for themselves not only improves the residents’ physical well-being, but also their mental health, which can often deteriorate if they are left without the stimulation of a regular routine.

Care home staff do an excellent job in assisting their residents with the tasks that they are unable to do for themselves. With Occupational Therapists working in tandem with these experienced carers, changes can be made by ongoing  manual handling reviews and training that positively affect both staff and residents alike.

We can offer either one off assessments or ongoing therapy provision , funded by care home residents or care home partners which suits best for them and their team. Over the years we have been partnering with many homes in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

If you are a care home owner/manager in Berkshire or Oxfordshire, and are interested in how Therapies on Thames can assist your residents and staff, call us today on 01189076345 for a consultation.

Therapies on Thames work with us at Bridge House Nursing Home in Twyford. They provide our rehabilitation and maintenance therapy to our short and long stay residents. We have seen some fantastic results; residents who were immobile on arrival after several weeks of holistic therapy they walk out of our home back into their own homes. For our permanent residents, the therapy has helped to maintain their independence and mobility for longer, in turn improving their quality of life.

Phil and Laura Sherwood

Therapies on Thames team is incredible. As a Care Home Manager I have witnessed how dedicated they are to their clients, and how effective their rehabilitation truly is. They are extremely knowledgeable, involving both the individual receiving therapy, their families, and other health care professionals. They can help reable and motivate a wide variety of different clients, and achieve fantastic outcomes for them. It’s a pleasure working with you and your team.

Amanda Tanner

The team is a great support in the care homes. They’ve done tremendous work supporting the Residents discharged from hospitals for rehab care and long term care Residents, always keeping spirits up and going the extra mile in assisting them with all their needs during the sessions.

Ioane ( care home Nurse)