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Therapies on Thames, the home rehabilitation specialists covering Berkshire and now Oxfordshire, provides a truly unique offering for those in need of Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy at home. Experience shows us that you’re more likely to get better and stay independent if rehabilitation happens in the comfort of your own home. Patients often find that once they’ve returned home following a stay in hospital due to a fall, stroke, brain injury or other incident, simple tasks such as making a cup of tea, using the toilet or opening mail becomes harder than it was before. Using Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other techniques such as Stroke Rehabilitation, Therapies on Thames can help patients overcome these problems. Our practitioners will visit your home and develop methods to help make daily tasks easier, improving your quality of life. They will immerse themselves in your setting and local community, and help you develop techniques that will enable you to walk to your local shop, catch a bus, manoeuvre around your home and so much more.

What is an Occupational Therapist anyway?

The title ‘Occupational Therapist’ can sometimes cause confusion around what the role actually involves. Simply, an OC can help improve your ability to carry out every day tasks. Click here to read more about how an Occupational Therapist from Therapies on Thames can help patients relocate from hospital to home smoothly, without the need for care homes, carers or relying too heavily on family members.

Therapies on Thames Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists can travel to any location in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Elderly care is a speciality of ours, as is stroke recovery and rehabilitation following a traumatic fall. Our patients sometimes experience a loss in confidence once they’re returned home, which can restrict their natural progression back to living a normal and happy life. With guidance from our highly qualified practitioners, we can help you carry out the basic tasks you thought you may never be able to achieve. Each step you take in returning to normality increases confidence, which in turn builds strength and empowers you on your path to recovery.


Therapies on Thames occupational therapy home visit service
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Family are key for successful rehabilitation

Because we know how important family is in regard to our patients making a full recovery, we also work closely with them to further enhance your chances of regaining complete independence. We will craft you a personalised treatment plan that will assist you in getting back on track and minimising the need for costly home-help and round the clock carers. Most importantly, our services keep the elderly at home longer without the need for care homes. After all, it’s your home and you should be able to live in it happily for as long as possible.

Personalised treatment plan
‘A personalised treatment plan to help you integrate into your home, with the help of your family’. Image copyright of Therapies on Thames. Do not use or reproduce without permission.


We firmly believe that patients recover and return to independence where they are at their most comfortable – at home. Hospitals provide a fantastic service for our sick, elderly and injured but it’s no secret that the NHS is strained beyond capacity. A recent article in the Guardian reported that more elderly people are dying following a fall due to the shortages of nurses, care assistants and care homes. We can help relieve that burden and provide our patients with life-changing techniques to live as independently as possible at home once their hospital stay has come to an end. If you or a loved one could benefit from our Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy home visits, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

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